About Us

When it comes to CBD oil, all products are not created equal and it is most important to select a quality product from a reputable company.  

We take great pride in our earned reputation to offer effective, honest, pure products. All of the CBD we use is derived from hemp grown in the USA.  In fact, many of our products are made by us in small batches in Atlanta, GA.

Your satisfaction is always our top priority.  While we cannot make claims as to  how CBD products will effect each individual person or animal, we can guarantee that you will not find a better comparable product on the market.


Lauren Hise, Owner

Natural Health Botanicals was started after my year long journey researching and using CBD.  As I was recovering from a bad car accident and trying to go back to work, I realized I could not function full of pain killers and muscles relaxers. I tried a CBD tincture to help cope with my pain and anxiety, and weaned myself off of all three pharmaceuticals I was taking within two weeks!  I never looked back and no longer take prescription meds of any kind, and haven't since I began taking CBD.  I became very passionate about what CBD could do, how it could help people, and telling everyone I could about it.  I believe EVERYONE is experiencing something CBD can help with, and I want to encourage everyone to try it to see if it could help them without the harsh side effects they would most likely experience from drugs.

In additional to natural healing with CBD, I believe in avoiding toxic chemicals wherever possible.  That's why organic products made of natural ingredients are of the utmost importance with each product we carry.